Does anyone know when manage_PasteObjects will stop requiring REQUEST to be passed? I 
want to mimick the Cut/Copy/Paste Support of the management interface in a UI of my 

my method "objectsCut" holds:
<dtml-call "manage_cutObjects(REQUEST['ids'], REQUEST)">

while my "objectsPaste" method holds:
<dtml-call "manage_pasteObjects(_.None, REQUEST)">

Pasting objects will sometimes (!?!) redirect me to the management interface, which I 
want to hide.
I found these last lines in manage_pasteObjects (CopySupport.py):

    def manage_pasteObjects(self, cb_copy_data=None, REQUEST=None):
        """Paste previously copied objects into the current object.
           If calling manage_pasteObjects from python code, pass
           the result of a previous call to manage_cutObjects or
           manage_copyObjects as the first argument."""
            if REQUEST is not None:
                REQUEST['RESPONSE'].setCookie('__cp', 'deleted',
                                    path='%s' % cookie_path(REQUEST),
                                    expires='Wed, 31-Dec-97 23:59:59 GMT')
                REQUEST['__cp'] = None
                return self.manage_main(self, REQUEST, update_menu=1,

I don't want to hack this file.
The only way to get the cookie set seems to be passing the REQUEST object.

"...pass the result of a previous call to manage_cutObjects or manage_copyObjects as 
the first argument"

This doesn't help me very much. It would help me if I wanted to Copy/Paste or 
Cut/Paste at the same time:

<dtml-call "REQUEST.set('my_clipboard_data', manage_cutObjects(REQUEST['ids'], 
<dtml-call "manage_pasteObjects(my_clipboard_data)">

works fine, but if I want to do Copy and Paste at completely different times, I have 
to pass my_clipboard_data along the requests all the time.

Is there a simple solution? Is it something I should put in the Bug Collector? Or did 
I miss something?

Thank you very much for your help,


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