At last, the announcement I've been dying to make.  After much
deliberation -- meaning, I've procrastinated for too long :^) -- I'm
pleased to announce our approach for opening the CVS repository to
community checkins.  The first round of materials are open for public
discussion at:

In the first bullet of the second list, you'll find links to the important

For those desperately wanting to read as little as possible, here's an

  o A group of people makes decisions on who to invite, just like in
  the Python community.  We at Zope Corporation will start the process
  by choosing an initial, small group of invitees to bootstrap the

  o With a real signature on a real document, an invitee will legally
  start the process of becoming a committer.  This "real document" is
  the Zope Contributor Agreement.

  o When an invitee's contributor agreement arrives, and the invitee
  conducts their first checkin using their CVS credentials, they are
  consenting to the joint ownership terms of the contributor

I'd like to have a period of discussion regarding the material,
particularly the Zope Contributor Agreement, through early next week.
Once it is clear that the agreement is done, I can change it to version
1.0 and start accepting completed forms from people in the bootstrap

So, let's begin what I'm sure will be a lively and illuminating
discussion. :^)


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