On Tuesday 25 September 2001 16:41, Adrian Hungate wrote:
> I edit the registry... One of my many favourite pass-times, right up there
> with running out in traffic.
> Seriously though, once an instance is configured, why would you want to
> change it? (Assuming you get it right that is)

Mostly the interface is for stopping/starting the server, accessing the log, 
accessing the management screen, adding a manager user (yes, those last two 
are buttons which just open a URL with the default browser), changing the 
emergency user password and generally reporting information about the 

The "(Assuming you get it right that is)" is also spot on - people will do 
strange things, and we need a simple interface that we can walk them through 
on the phone, and also an interface that they're unlikely to cause damage 
with (as opposed to editing z2.py or the *gak* registry!)

This interface is _specifically_ targetted at a "new breed" of zope user. 
Someone who was brought up on a diet of IIS or some other plug-n-play web 
server. Someone who just wants it to work, no registry editing, no config 
file editing. That's who this stuff is targetted at.

I'd say that adding a multi-instance ability would be possible - we'd just 
have to be able to handle multiple config files. We're just not sure how it 
should be handled in the UI :)


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