Paul Everitt writes:
 > We'll probably work up some boilerplate such as, "I'm going to commit 
 > your patch to Zope.  It's going to be available under the ZPL and the 
 > joint ownership model of the Zope Contributor Agreement.  Please respond 
 > agreeing that you understand the ZPL, the joint ownership model, and 
 > allow this contribution under these terms."
 > How does that sound?
We should make this implicit!
... if possible as all under US law (and in view of the overwhelming
power of US lawyers ;-)).

  When someone submits a patch, then we can assume that
  the submitter does not only allow but wants that
  his patch is used in the Zope codebase, under
  the well known conditions for the Zope code.

I once had to sign such a patch use agreement for Python.

   It has been a 10 line patch including 6 lines of comment.
   Both me and Guido knew it has been pure stupidity to
   make such a fuzz about it, just to please lawyers....

Please check, whether it is possible that submitting a patch
is sufficient that the patch can be used as far as the
submitter is concerned. There may be other rights infringed.
That still may need to be checked for significant changes.


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