(I apologise in advance for the crosspost, but I think this is a valid
question on both the zope-db and zope-dev lists. If you disagree, flame
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We have run into a showstopper problem here where it seems (we're not sure
yet) that there is a severe problem using dates returned from the Oracle DA
adapter. Other possible culprits include LocalFS, Transparent Folder,
Formulator and the source release of Zope 2.4.1.

The problem is that Zope either dies, core dumps and dies, or slows down to
a crawl.

We are using the Zope 2.4.1 release, with Transparent folders and LocalFS,
latest, and a sligthly modified Formulator.

There are about 2-6 people working and developing in it during all hours of
the day (24 hours).

Unfortunately nothing shows up in any of the logs, so they are of little
use; I don't even have a traceback so display. We *think* we found sometign
pointing at LocalFS in one of the coredumps, but we are lowly non-unix
programmers, and have no idea if this is accurate info or not. It could just
be un-collected garabage memory.

Is anybody noticing anything similar, or if you have any opinion on what
might be going on, please reply; we are in DS mode here (we are having a
prototype presentation during two weeks, starting tomorrow) and are feeling
a bit desperate.



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