At work, we are seriously considering using Zope. For the Web front-end, 
we are already sold. However, for our use, we will heavily rely on its 
WebDAV services. We'll need to do some special tricks, so that legacy 
systems and Zope interoperate nicely.

As a test case, I wanted to see what it takes to create a special 
product, that appears as a directory in webdav, offering some dummy 
objects. I want to do this programmatically, not using ZClasses, nor 
using the Zope management interface. For my test case, I really just 
want to (ab)use Zope's WebDAV server functionality.

Using the "A minimal product HOWTO", and inheriting from 
webdav.Collection a webdav directory appeared quickly. However, I am a 
bit stuck at figuring out how to get some dummy objects in there.
Modifying the "self._objects" doesn't seem to help, and any 
documentation on the ObjectManager, and how it relates to FTPList/WebDAV 
is rather sparse.

What I have so far is appended below.

Thanks for any Zenlightenment!

from OFS import *
import webdav
import OFS
from OFS import FTPInterface

class duologix(

     "duologix object"

     meta_type = 'duologix'

     def __init__(self, id):
         "initialise a new instance of Duologix" = id

     def index_html(self):
         "used to view content of the object"
         return '<html><body>Hello World</body></html>'

def manage_addDuologix(self, RESPONSE):
     "Add a Duologix to a folder."
     self._setObject('duologix_id', duologix('duologix_id'))

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