It is possible, as far as i know, to use the unix command "file -bi 
<filename>" and parse the returned result. It works very fine, but, 
unfortunatedly ;^)) just on Unix/Linux/*nix. Have read this on the [Zope] 
list and tested myself.

Em Monday 22 October 2001 16:33, Casey Duncan escreveu:
> Problem: Getting Zope to properly detect MIME types of posted files
> The current solution is to try the following methods:
> 1. See if the browser specified a type and if so, use it.
> 2. See if the file extension can be recognized and derive a mime-type from
> it 3. Do some inspection of the file data (limited to text files at
> present)
> Obviously #1 is preferred, and anytime the browser supplies the mime type,
> method #2 and #3 are never used. However, I have found a problem with this.
> Sometimes, IE reports a mime-type of "application/octet-stream" on files
> that is doesn't know better about.
> This specifically happens on WordPerfect files. Now, I am as shocked as you
> are that a competitor's file format would not be recognized by IE, however,
> difficult as this may be to believe, it appears to be true.
> My proposed solution and change in behavior is to ignore the browser
> supplied type if it is "application/octet-stream" and use #2 and perhaps #3
> in that case to delve in further. Obviously this may pose a problem for
> applications that rely on the mime-type for files with extensions that
> might otherwise indicate something else. But since this behavior seems
> restricted to IE (amongst the browsers I tested), I doubt it would cause
> harm or breakage.
> Thoughts?
> I will supply the necessary patches if there is no objection.
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