Behrens Matt - Grand Rapids wrote:

> [snipped enlightening description of the zope user writable problem]
> Solutions:
> 1.  Have the stop script check ownership of the pid file to make sure 
> it's still root's baby.  This solution seems easiest, but something 
> about it doesn't seem right to me.  When something doesn't feel right to 
> me, there's probably a way to fool it...
> 2.  Enforce the sticky bit on the var directory.  From Solaris' chmod(2) 
> manpage:
>      If a directory is writable and has S_ISVTX (the sticky  bit)
>      set,  files  within that directory can be removed or renamed
>      only if one or more of the following is true (see  unlink(2)
>      and rename(2)):
>         o  the user owns the file
>         o  the user owns the directory
>         o  the file is writable by the user
>         o  the user is a privileged user
> (Privileged user means 'root'.)  We only need to enforce the sticky bit 
> if we start as root and are doing the requisite setuid().  My patch 
> already has a test for this.
> 3.  Have the pid file written into another directory that only root can 
> write to.

I don't like 1 either because it looks too complicated for a security 
issue solution. Security solutions should be extremely simple so that 
they can be made easily debugable and ... (/me looks at Zope security 
machinery source code)...  never mind :-)

Anyway, 3 looks more aesthetically pleasing to me, mainly because it 
requires the least amount of code, but I can live with number 2.

Overall, I like the way you are going with this patch. Keep the good 
work :-)

        cheers, Leo

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