Brad Clements wrote:
> I'm still casting around for a suggestion on where I can go to fix this.
> I have a ParsedXML object in the methods list of a ZClass Product.
> The "Access Contents Information" Permission Mapping always get's reset to "blank" 
> the ParsedXML object when Zope restarts.
> Is this a problem with ZClasses, or with ParsedXML? 

Taking a look at ParsedXML, it looks like it just does a very simple
permission definition, so it doesn't *look* like there's something
wrong there.

What it sounds like is that something that should be persistent isn't
for some reason. Either an object attribute is changed without 
the permission mechanism being informed of the change, or it's 
for some reason an attribute on a nonpersistent is changed. This at least
would explain why the permission mapping magically goes away..

Don't know if that helped at all; good luck. If you find out there's
any problem in ParsedXML please let me know!



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