Hi, I have a zope backend running behind an Apache server.
Up to now, I've been using the "standard" pcgi configuration.
Here is my understanding of what's happening (correct me if
I'm wrong):
  - When Apache gets a request, it calls pcgi-wrapper. If
the pcgi_publisher process is running, pcgi-wrapper connects
to it and gets the page. If pcgi_publisher is not running, pcgi-wrapper
first starts pcgi_publisher and then connects to it and gets the page.

Now, the problem I have with that is that pcgi_publisher is
single-threaded. I have to run long-running background tasks at night
to update my database, and I run them inside Zope. During that time,
the site is unavailable because Zope is busy executing what should
be a background task.

The solution I want to use is to start Zope in multi-threaded pcgi
mode, using the standard "Zope/start" script with the correct flags (-p)
This works fine, as long as I manually execute the start script. But
if Zope ever crashes, I would like Apache (maybe through pcgi-wrapper)
to automatically restart Zope in multi-threaded pcgi mode, when
someone requests a page.

How can I achieve that ?



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