If I am in the Zope manage interface. I select Add then scroll down to
this is what I was calling an inner method.

Here is a reply I got from a Python IDE engineering team as to why I am
not able to debug this code with their IDE:

Support for non-disk fragments like Zope internal methods is planned but
not yet there.  When added, we'll also add access to the code via ftp or
webdav.  The bigger problem is actually correct identification of the
fragments and mapping of run locations to the appropriate URL for the
source code.  I'm not sure off-hand whether Zope does anything when
executing the code to identify where the code came from (like setting
__file__ or munging code objects' co_filename). If not, we'ld have to


One other note on this:  At one point it sounded like the Zope folks
wanted to move more to disk files again and they seemed to indicate
(cryptically) that there were things in the works to make this problem
non-disk files irrelevant.  I haven't had time to keep up to date on
but it might be worth checking if there's some config option on Zope
would solve this issue.  Certainly, moving to external methods and
products would also work, but if you've got an existing code base that 
is potentially a lot of work.

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i'm still completely in the dark about what it is you are referring to.

maybe it's just me being dense on a friday....


On Friday, October 26, 2001, at 12:48 , Clark OBrien wrote:

> It is what is  causing some difficulties in ( inside, within,) the
> community. If you got this far I would like to hear a reply.
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> Happy you asked.
> I was wondering also
> Robert
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>> umh... what is an "inner method" ???
>> jens
>> On Friday, October 26, 2001, at 10:18 , Clark OBrien wrote:
>>> Guys,
>>> I would really like to see some direction as to whether to use disk
>>> files for inner methods.
>>> Zope is a great tool but until we have some good IDEs for it, it
> will
>>> not compete with better known
>>> technologies.
>>> I have spoken with the Karmira and Wing and they both told me the
> same
>>> thing- They are waiting to see how
>>> Zope stores the inner methods.
>>>                     Regards
>>>                          Clark

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