Hmmm, it looks to me like a DTML method is being called when a document is 
being indexed. Do you have a DTML Method somewhere named "date"?

If so, try renaming it. I'm not sure why it should pick it up instead of the 
date document property. Let me know if my hypothesis is true, if it is that 
looks like a subtle bug in way documents are acquiring their properties.

Let me know.

  Casey Duncan, Sr. Web Developer
  National Legal Aid and Defender Association

On Friday 02 November 2001 05:25 am, Kolb, Hap allegedly wrote:
> Hi,
> any attempt to submit a document to my newly created document library under
> zope 2.4.2 yields the following error (traceback appended below):
>       Error Type: NameError
>       Error Value: global name 'ZopeTime' is not defined
> Now that's an error so basic that I suspect that it's me who is doing
> something wrong---if I only knew what...!
> Any help would be highly appreciated!
> Best, ...hap
> Traceback (innermost last):
> /data1/software/Zope/zope-2.4.2/lib/python/Products/ZCatalog/,
> line 495, in recordify
>   File /data1/software/Zope/zope-2.4.2/lib/python/OFS/, line
> 188, in __call__
>     (Object: date)
>   File
> /data1/software/Zope/zope-2.4.2/lib/python/DocumentTemplate/,
> line 546, in __call__
>     (Object: date)
>   File
> /data1/software/Zope/zope-2.4.2/lib/python/DocumentTemplate/,
> line 231, in eval
>     (Object: ZopeTime().Date())
>     (Info: ZopeTime)
>   File <string>, line 2, in f
>     (Object: guarded_getattr)
> NameError: (see above)

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