This is unrelated to Michael's original problem, but...

> However, I kinda find this funcitonality a bit useless since the two
> objects are not all that independent. All it allows (since you are not
> allowed yet to have two session_id_mgr) is to set different varialbes
> with different timeout values. Can be usefull, but not truly persistant
> where you want it to be. For instance, a simple session cookie that has
> only the userid would be nice to keep forever, whereas the rest of the
> session data expires with the browser session. Not currently possible.

Actually this is incorrect.  First of all, you can have several 
session_id_mgrs.  Tey're a bit tricky to install because you can't add a 
sessionidmgr in a place where another sessionidmgr can be acquired. 
This is explained in the docs.  A common setup would be to have two 
folders, A and B and to create A.session_id_mgr and B.session_id_mgr.

Second of all, different data managers can point at different data 
containers.  And data containers can have different timeouts like you 
said.  And if you put a data container in your "main" ZODB ( or at least 
in some non-RAM-backed storage), and set its timeout to "0", things that 
are put into it will never expire.  This is what you seem to want.  This 
is also explained further in the docs.


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