Andy McKay wrote:
> > personally, I don't think it'll scale to html filtering. What happens when
> you
> > want to get the allowed tags from a property of another object?
> Hmm true of course it could just be <input name="fish:list<dtml-var
> "_.string.join(allowedHtml,'/')">" etc> or something

No offence, but I feel a bit ill having just read that ;-)

> > 3. Fix the bug that means :date won't accept an empty value.
> Thats related?

Well, same areas, birds and stones and all ;-)

> > def coerce(from,to,**kw):

> Whats wrong with just int and str etc... 


> Is your idea here just to get
> everything in one place and one
> class? Other than that Im not sure of the value..

yeah, prettymuch... there are builtins like int() and str() but there isn't a
generic way of saying "I have this object of this type, I want it to be an
object of this type" and I think there should be, given the number of different
times and ways I've seen people solving this problem...



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