I would like to see the following scenario:

1) I go into Zope/manage_main, create a Version, and enter it.

2) Outside Zope, I use emacs and pull up a DTMLDocument in an edit 
buffer using FTP

3) I make my changes and save the file (FTP PUT)

4) I return to Zope and see that the changes have been made INSIDE MY 

5) Happy with the changes, I commit my Version and exit it.

Today, this does not seem to work.  That is, even though I have started 
working in a Version,
FTP does not respect this.

How could such a facility be implemented?

Well, what about having a context mapping feature where you could map a 
user to a context.
The Zope FTP machinery, when it gets a login, uses the passed in userid 
and looks up the context
in the (global) context map.   For me, it says "oh, Craeg is working in 
a Version.  I will silently and automatically
map URLs for GET and PUT to respect his Version."   For my colleague, it 
says "oh, Chip has no
special context, no filtering needed..."

Further, there could be hooks provided so that Zope developers could 
provide their own URI Resolution
algorithms, so that different user's requests could be mapped in 
different ways.
To use a contrived example, this could be a way of implementing a 
development workflow scenario-- for development, requests
are mapped to one area, where as for testing they are mapped to a 
different area.  Note that the "virtual host monster"
operates on a somewhat similar idea.

Has anyone else felt the need for such a facility ("URIResolver") ?   
Does anyone have any pointers where I should look in the
Zope libraries to program my own?   Thanks in advance!


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