>> as far as your login problems go, look up a user record on the Users tab
>> and see if that record has any roles associated with it.
> What roles needs to be associated?

whatever roles are needed for the page you were trying to access, like 
"Manager" for pages in the zope management interface.

>> you must also ensure that the user record you are trying to retrieve has
>> permissions inside LDAP to look up itself and permission to look up the
>> groups associated with it. the ACLs in slapd.conf govern that piece. you
>> could use ldapsearch to "emulate" these searches by binding with the
>> respective user's DN and passowrd and looking up its own details as well
>> as its own groups.
> I thought that this was ok since I can loggin to my linux account...
> (A while later) Ok. I just locked myself out :-) Great.

the fact that you can log into your linux account is not related to the 
LDAPUserFolder. the only thing you can deduce from that is that your 
username and password are correct, but that's just one piece you need. the 
second piece, as far as zope is concerned, are the permissions you have, 
which are attached to roles. so if you see roles in the "Groups" tab but 
when you are looking up your record none of the checkboxes for roles are 
checked you have no role (except maybe aonymous) for zope, and therefore 
very limited.

start by creating some groups on the groups tab (if they are not already 
there) with names that are "meaningful" to zope, such as "Manager" for 
manager accounts. then look up your own record again and check "Manager" 
in the list of roles and submit. that should give your account "Manager" 

>> P.S.: LDAP and trying to use it for zope authentication can be very
>> painful to set up if you're not experienced with LDAP first. there are a
>> *lot* of factors and pitfalls involved. you must have a good
>> understanding
>> about how LDAP works, knowledge about LDAP schemas and LDAP ACLs.
> Any suggestions of how to gain this knowledge? I know alot more now than 
> I
> did a week ago, but I certainly need to learn more :-/

well, i learned "by doing", i'm subscribed to the openldap-software and 
the python-ldap  mailing lists and i downloaded a couple white papers off 
the internet... i think the openldap website (www.openldap.org) is a good 
place to start. there's the slapd admin guide, the FAQ-o-Matic and the 
searchable mailing list archives. if i had bought books i might be able to 
recommend some, but i never did.


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