Hi all - 

This is mainly for the zope-dev'ers who have been following the 
"Web Services for Zope" project.

Though the project is officially on hold wrt Zope Corp. resources, 
I've been able to get some nights & weekends time in on the Python 
level aspects lately. For those interested, I've put the Python 
package in the Zope public CVS:


Some notes about what is there now:

  - The package may end up being renamed, as I wasn't aware until 
    recently that ActiveState has a WebService module that wraps 
    soapy. I need to contact someone (Gisle, I think) at AS and figure 
    out what to do about that.

  - The focus at this point is on validating the architecture and 
    interfaces, rather than finishing all of the details. For example, 
    we're not really ready for any major interop testing because only 
    simple type support is implemented.

  - I have spent a _lot_ of time on trying to provide good documentation 
    for this - even if you don't have time to play with the code you 
    can still provide meaningful feedback based on the docs! (See the 
    html or pdf in the /doc directory in CVS).

  - Most of the major things that still need to be done are in the 
    todo.txt in CVS.

I'm really interested in getting some early feedback from folks on 
zope-dev who care about web services - partly as a way to gauge 
whether there's enough there yet to warrant soliciting input from a 
wider audience (ws-dev or other Python web services-oriented groups).

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