> > Current thinking is to build a tiny little ZODB implementation in C
> > (anybody have one?) to access the DB on the handheld, plugged into a
> > tiny little HTTP server like thttpd or Abyss, and an embedded browser
> > like ViewML to access it.
> ZODB is pretty intimately connected to Python.  Rewriting all of ZODB in
> C would be pointless, since you'd still need a Python interpreter to
> make sense of the objects coming out of the database.
> Maybe you just need a simple data store, like a Berkeley DB file.

Sort of, but Berkeley DB is probably too big and complicated to use on a
wimpy little handheld - the library alone is nearly 1Mb.

Hmm. How about some sort of custom simple data store with a Python
wrapper on it, so that I could use Zope to let people help build the
content sets from wherever they are, and then just move the whole
content wad to a handheld? The content's going to be something like
simple HTML - like SquishDot articles - with a catalog holding metadata:
language, subject, expiry date, source...

Sort of like:

[ Zope ] -> [ Python wrapper ] -> [ C API ] -> [ Content DB ]

in the content management context and:

[ Embedded HTTP server ]  -> [ C API ] -> [ Content DB ]

for accessing it. Hmm... Has anybody done anything like this?

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