No, i wasn't aware of your product :-( , the only one i found was ZOQL by
Stephan Richter, but that didn't help much. Well, now i have written an
implementation that reuses some of the code in TextIndex (for parenthesis
parsing and insertion of a default operator) an then saves the query in RPN
format (so the Catalog does't need to think that hard when being queried).
I have taken a look at your product, and i'd say a 'new' Catalog should have
sort of QueryParser plugins that know how to turn string-queries (as yours)
or SQL to native Catalog queries ...
I've also contacted the authors of the two proposals, just wasn't sure
wether i should start this off, since i have no experience as to how the
fishbowl works and i'm expected to finish my current project sometime soon.


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> On Tuesday 20 November 2001 05:35 pm, Wolfram Kerber allegedly wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > i'm currently working on a product that allows to attach relational
> > information to zope-objects. It works quite well so far, but to further
> > enhance it i need to make some changes to the Catalog. I could perhaps
> > implement it as a separate product, but i strongly feel that those
> > are best applied to the Catalog itself, as they are of general use (i
> > think) and involve a lot of changes to the inner workings of the
> > In particular i need the following:
> >
> > - named/stored queries
> > these are precompiled queries, so they can be executed without parsing
> > are easily cacheable
> > i.e. similar to what is implemented in CMFTopic, but stored in the
> > and a bit smarter
> >
> > - caching support
> >
> > - unions and intersections
> > sub-queries (i.e. queries that are directed at a certain index) should
> > more flexibly combineable
> I have some code that implements this in my CatalogQuery product. It
> a query object from a string. Presently these are not persistent, but they
> could easily be made to be to create precompiled queries.
> code at: http://www.zope.org/Members/Kaivo/CatalogQuery
> >
> > I searched this mailing-list as well as zope.org to get an idea about
> > has already been discussed and requested, and there seems to be some
> > interest in improving the Catalog. Some people even seem to have worked
> > this, perhaps they could give an update on this? Possibly i don't have
> > write everything from scratch...
> I would be willing to help both in coding and getting the code put into
> Zope core.
> > I would have put this into a proposal, but there already are two
> > that deal with the features i want, one is dedicated to
> > unions/intersections, the other (TopicIndexes) to performance issues (i
> > dont't know what's the status of these though, especially the first one
> > rather old), and i don't want to hijack them without asking. As so often
> > will need to complete my current project first, but would then like to
> > in improving the Catalog for a more general use.
> Possibly we need to rekindle discussion. I would suggest contacting the
> authors of those proposals to see how compatible your concepts are wth
> theirs. Perhaps a new proposal should be drafted with the new ideas and ty
> them back to the previous ones. If there is redundancy, that can be worked
> out.
> >
> > So, if there is interest, i would propose to collect some ideas and
> > comments about how a better Catalog should look like, how it could be
> > implemented and how to organize this effort (with respect to the already
> > existing proposals).
> I am very interested in such a discussion. Let me know what I can do to
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