Casey Duncan wrote:
> I'm not sure I want to store the indexes in the ZODB, just index ZODB data at
> a low level.

Ah, okay, and yes, in that case, I am in complete agreement ;-)
(the level I'm aiming at is just to be able to index python objects, I'll leave 
plugging that into the ZODB architecture
up to someone who understands it better...)

> Yup, I think I have a solution, but it'll involve some coding ;^) to explain? :-)

> I would rather avoid having to use a relational database unless I have to.
> Perhaps the index pluggability could be made to support different backends
> (like FileStorage et al does).

Yeah, unfortunately, the difficult bit is combining queries:
gimme the results where index1=='fish' and index2 is between 2 and 5kg.

if index1 is in SQL and index2 is in ZODB, for example, how would you go about 
efficiently combining results?

> > That said, I wasn't aware of Matt's work up until very recently. I'd love
> > to see an Indexer that didn't require an RDB (or BerkleyDB :-P) and scaled
> > to GigaBytes of Data...
> Yup, me too.

Well, I'm just purchasing my copy of Managing Gigabytess now ;-)

> OK, I'm available all this week, but I'm not as available the next two weeks.
> Lets find a good time.

I'm available any time and date, just as long as I get a coupla days notice...



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