A K Milton wrote:

> a) The change to manage_* seems to be completely arbitrary, since we already
>    had _do* methods that meant you didn't have to call manage_users with
>    fake submit buttons. So what is the point of having manage_ ?

They were added in response to this fishbowl proposal:


It was a quick fix intended to help people doing user management over 

If there are problems in maintaining compatibility with the previous 
API, and products that rely on that, well that's a bug and it needs 
Collecting and sorting out before 2.5 final.

I'm concerned about this too, and I'm glad it's reached Zope-Dev, as 
I've got some LoginManager user folders in use, and I don't want these 
to break when I start using Zope 2.5 on those systems.

In the fishbowl proposal comments, Brial Lloyd wrote:
     This is so long overdue that I've just checked this in for the Zope 
2.5 line in CVS. (It is slated for 2.5 because it is an API change and 
has documentation impact, plus I would like to follow up and clean up 
some of the old form dispatch code and want to make sure we have an 
upgrade cycle to make sure other implementations of user folders don't 

I see an intention not to break other user folder products. Given that 
the fishbowl proposal in question is supposed to make for a very small 
change, any breakage in existing products is a bug in its implementation.

In summary:

I want to make sure that things are no worse in Zope 2.5 final than in 
Zope 2.5. Any breakage caused by this API change is a bug, and needs to 
be sorted out by Zope 2.5 final.
I can offer some help in fixing these bugs, especially if they find 
their way into the Collector, so I can take ownership of them.

Improvements to the user folder API that fall outside "getting it 
working with XML-RPC" bring up larger issues, which I see are being 
discussed here:


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