I'm using the CMF, and I've implement an "email_this_page" method, that
prompts for an email address, then uses the sendmail tag to email the html
contents of a page, like yahoo and other sites commonly do.
I want to include the standard_html_header and standard_html_footer in the
email message, so it's easy for the recipient to navigate to the web site.
But when I tested it out, I noticed I got all the management buttons like
"Reject" and "Reconfigure portal" in the email message!
Of course they required authentication, but it'd rather render the page as
it would be seen by the anonymous user.

What I need is something like the effect of a setuid/seteuid system calls,
that temporarily downgrades the Zope user to anonymous, while it renders the
html headers and footers.
As a stab in the dark, I tried changing the proxy role of the dtml script
that uses the sendmail tag and renders the html, but I still got the
management buttons.
Is it as simple as temporarily changing some properties of the request? Or
is there an extension or product that can do that?



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