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Subject: [Zope-dev] A modest proposal: Replace medusa with Twisted

> Actually, this brings up this idea I had - Zope should replace medusa with
> Twisted. Why, you ask?

If you like to see Medusa replaced by Twisted you should write a Fishbowl
proposal (*wink*). But what would be real benefits for Zope ? Enhanced
reliabilty ?
Enhanced speed ?

> 1) Twisted separates transport from protocols, and the event loop it uses
>   extendable and generic. That means:

The Medusa architecture is also more or less generic and extendable.

>    - It can run on Jython (using threads, someday with java.nio), and it
> be integrated with the Tk and GTK event loops.

There is another group currently working on a Zope version using Jython but
supporting Tk and GTK is currently beyond Zopes usage.

> 3) Twisted is being actively developed and extended. medusa less so.

Medusa work fairly reliable. Because Twisted seems to implemented in Python
too I expect it will have similiar problems as Medusa because they will
use the same underlying Python modules. ZC made lots of changes
and enhancements during the last years to Medusa to fit our needs and make
it reliable on multiple plattforms. Such efforts might be neccessary for
too. So I do not see the benefits for Twister yet :-)


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