I've been asked too many times now by developers what is wrong when they
call ZSQL Methods without passing parameters because their parameters
are in the namespace.  This seems to make sense to all new Zopers (and
some older ones like myself) because all other DTML lookups are in the
entire namespace.  

Anyway, I propose that ZSQLMethods change and do variable lookups in the
entire namespace, not just the REQUEST object.  It seems to be a simple
enough change (at least it looks it) and I can submit the patches, but
the harder thing is to get people to agree that it is a change for the

The only argument that I have heard against it is that variables will be
found mysteriously through the stack and that this is harder to
understand.  However, that just makes it inconsistent with all other
DTML and therefore mysterious in its own way.  

Consistency is much better for learning and for remembering, and DTML in
ZSQL should work the same as DTML in DTML Methods, etc.  Please consider
this and abuse me as appropriate ;)

Tim McLaughlin
iterationZERO - www.iterationzero.com

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