There is another approach however for getting Java and Zope together

A few weeks back I was mucking around with the Python Java Extension
(see Python 9 proceedings) and was able to interact with Java 
classes/instances directly from Zope by calling ExternalMethods.  PJE 
basically allows the Java vm to be loaded into the python interpreter.


 >I can speak about this one... The difficult part of getting Zope to w
 >ork on
 >Java, IMHO, is not the server. Without too terribly much work, I think 
 >could get a servlet in front of Zope (once you've taken care of all of 
 >other things).
 >We've made some progress toward getting Zope running on Java
 >( The past few weeks, phabric has been on the 
 >burner at Web Elite because of unrelated paying work.
 >There are two main areas of work in getting Zope on top of Java: the C
 >modules and differences between C Python and Jython. We've made quite a
 > bit
 >of progress in both of those areas, but there's still more to be done 
 >Zope will fire up and answer a request.

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