> Paul Everitt wrote:
> > This isn't a good track record.  Brian produced 35 pages worth of
> > almost-flawless docs on web services to go with his code.  But no
> > comments.  And he's doing this on his own time.  So let's remember that
> > this is a two-way street.

* Chris Withers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [011130 16:47]:
> list archives and the like...) and so never came back. Now, if I
> could have ticked a box saying "email me when such and such happens"
> then I, or other people here at NIP who are dealing with Web
> Services in a big way ,would have got involved as soon as
> appropriate... 

I think there's another problem here: possibly the community isn't
large enough yet.  There's already been a discussion on zope-coders
about how little those with commit priviledges are actually
committing, and the main reason is simply that no-one has enough

How many people are there who are really comfortable with Zope to the
point where they would be able to contribute meaningfully to a
discussion about, for example, Web Services?  Of the active community,
I would guess fewer than 40.  Of these, perhaps half missed the
announcement.  Of the others, probably another half were in the middle
of very hectic projects.  Of the 10 remaining, perhaps they weren't
interested, or were going to look tomorrow but forgot...

What we need, as Paul suggested about zope-web, is a set of community
members who are able and willing to contribute 10 hours per week.  I
think there are very few such people.  I would love to, but I simply
can't.  The best way of getting such people is to cast the community
web wider, and draw more people in.  The best way of doing this is
make zope.org *really good*, I reckon.  I for one will be
pontificating on zope-web next week.


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