Brian Lloyd wrote:
<snip fishbowl ain't easy to use>

spot on ;-)

>   - The fishbowl needs to be integrated with email in order to stay on
>     people's radar.


>   - There needs to be a way to "filter the firehose" so that people on
>     all sides can focus on the things they care about.

Praise be!

>   - There needs to be a much lighter-weight way of seeing an overview
>     of what's going on (where proposals are in the process and why).

I am in heaven...

>   - There is still a legitimate need for "content areas" that capture
>     artifacts related to projects.

yup, but these could hang off issues or exist somewhere totally seperate. These
artefacts are actually significantly less important than the status of the
issue, who's looking after it, when it was last touched and the other
categorisation details. In this respect, the fishbowl is currently completely
arse about face ;-)

>   - We need to find a way to scale the process of pushing proposals
>     through to projects.

Hierarchical management based on trust metrics?

>   - There needs to be much more clarity on what should happen when a
>     proposal is approved, rejected, ignored, whatever, by the community.

Not so important right now...

> The last one is very important IMHO. I just looked, and there are
> currently 15 proposals in the "awaiting resources" state, meaning
> that the general idea seems to have met with approval by the developer
> community and that now someone needs to actually sign up to _do_ it.

I suspect this is because people don't even know these projects exist, once this
has been addressed with the points that had me worshiping, I'm betting this
problem will disappear of its own accord...

> Unfortunately, I have not been approached by anyone about any of
> these proposals, except for occasional flame-o-grams demanding to
> know why they are not done yet.

Those'll happen when someone does eventually bump into these dormant
proposals/projects, sees they haven't been touched for 2 months and suddenly
gets all irate jumping around: "why the fuck hasn't someone done something on
this very important issue?!"

> Part of this, I'm sure, is that the community of committers is still
> fairly small and still getting their bearings. 

Not to mention suffering the same resource problems that ZC suffers right now

> Ken has written a fair amount on the current fishbowl problems at:

That's the first time I've heard of that other than other posts in this thread

> How should we go about getting from that + this thread to some
> concrete solutions?

Sounds like we need to build a decent fish pond, and _please_ can we unify it
with the collector.



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