>>>>> "CW" == Chris Withers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    CW> Now here I really gotta shout loud 'cos I've made this point
    CW> so many times I'm wondering how I can say it so it gets
    CW> through...  (Paul, here, have some earplugs ;-)

    CW> Notification, which bugzilla offers, MAKES ALL THE
    CW> DIFFERENCE!!!!!!  Email notification is good enough, if I want
    CW> that to beep my cellphone, I just send it to me genie.co.uk
    CW> email address...

I should mention that Simon Michael's MailWiki tool is incredible for
things like this.  It mails changes in the Wiki (almost, but not
resembling, a unified diff, with the PageChange'd title in the
subject).  It also allows for mail-in appending, which of course is
potentially dangerous, but so is any WWW-based storage of mail.

Intelligent use of mail filtering (which has led to my symbiotic
relationship with emacs and gnus for nearly 6 years now) will reduce
the burden.  It's not perfect, but it's not bad.

I REALLY, but REALLY like using this feature.   And I've been using on
a wiki that I use for "brain dumps" from email... 

It would need a bit more work (semi-validation of "from", etc), but it
is potentially useful in this context.  

I hate firing up a browser to go searching, but I'll do it if
something catches my eye...

    CW> Well, okay, don't use bugzilla. But dump wiki, it's not
    CW> sutructured enough. You want bite sized bits of information,

See above.  But maybe it still wouldn't be structured enough.


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