Lennart Regebro writes:
 > ...
 > Here are some things that I feel should be introduced into Zope:
 > - Workflow support. (Because everybody needs it)
You know DCWorkflow?

 > - Versioning. (Because it's hard to do as a product)
"CVSFolder" is quite near: I see currently two remaining issues:

   *  Artificial ever changing "id" values in XML exports which makes automatic
      merging difficult

   *  discontinuity for subfolders with their own "CVS" and
      restriction to "Folder" rather than arbitrary "ObjectManagers".

I may soon address both issues, unless Steve is faster....

 > - Internationalization. (Because it's hard to do as a product)

 > - Better user management. (Because everybody needs it)
Apparently, I do not...
I can live with the existing extension products (true, not with
the one in the Zope core).

 > ....
 > I also feel there are things that could be removed. And now I'm gonna say
 > bad things about parts of zope some people probably love, and they will hate
 > me for this, but I'll have to live with that. This is my view only. I have
 > on occasion been known to be completely wrong. :-)
 > - Don't do any  more work on ZClasses, and eventually drop it. To me they do
 > not seem easier to work with than Python, they are messier and not as
 > flexible.
I like ZClasses. Simple Web applications can very easily be build...

 > - I feel that CMF is a failure. It doesn't do what is promised, it's very
 > hard to understand and many parts of it are simply designed so badly and
 > incorrectly that they are practically useless. Drop CMF. Take the good parts
 > and integrate them directly into the Zope base to make Zope a better
 > platform form content management applications, and forget about the rest.
I do not think that CMF is the solution to all problems but in general
it seems very useful.

I will soon build my first large application with CMF. We will see
whether I will agree with you after that....


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