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>  > Here are some things that I feel should be introduced into Zope:
>  > - Workflow support. (Because everybody needs it)
> You know DCWorkflow?

Yes. I think it should be moved off CMF and into Zope proper.

>  > - Versioning. (Because it's hard to do as a product)
> "CVSFolder" is quite near: I see currently two remaining issues:

Doesn't that store Zope objects in CVS? Or have I missed something
If it does, it's not what I'm talking about. The Versioning proposal that is
in the dogbowl is what I'm talking about. I was just stressing that it is

>  > - Internationalization. (Because it's hard to do as a product)
> ???

What is your question?

>  > - Better user management. (Because everybody needs it)
> Apparently, I do not...
> I can live with the existing extension products (true, not with
> the one in the Zope core).

My point exactly. :-)

> I will soon build my first large application with CMF. We will see
> whether I will agree with you after that....

Good luck!

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