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>I would like to get a better idea of what 'Zope rebuilt from the ground up 

Code that isn't crufty!  Now with the new, sparkling clear look of 
Interfaces, and a zesty twist of tests!  Objects that don't peer and poke 
at other objects' private parts!  Yay!

As someone who's written products that do "Deep Magic" hacking in Zope 2, I 
am *ecstatic* at the overall direction the Zope 3X code is taking.  Have a 
look at the CVS and see for yourself.  My fond hope is that in Zope 3 the 
need for ZPatterns will disappear completely.  It looks so far like it 
*could*; the real test will be whether Zope.App policies end up including 
anything that relies on persistence or the performance characteristics of 
ZODB-ish data structures.  If none of those "bad expectations" get carried 
into Z3, ZPatterns as a product will become irrelevant - you will be able 
to do whatever you need to simply by writing Python code to the Z3 
API's.  It also looks as though the work I've done and am doing now on 
TransWarp will slide straight into Z3 with only a small amount of 
lubrication required.

>For me, Zope is also used to produce non Markup language (for ex emails) 
>which you cannot use ZPT for.
>So would the new Zope been limited to ML ?

Actually, although Zope 3X doesn't support DTML, the DocumentTemplate 
package is still there; there's nothing stopping you from using it in code 
of your own.  It's just not wrapped in the nice Method objects it used to 
be in.  And if you look at the FAQ you quoted, it does note that DTML 
*will* be available in Zope 3, just not 3X.

I personally would like to see ZPT support plain text at some point, and it 
already has some of the things necessary to do it.  But that's a separate 
issue from Zope 3X or Zope 3 itself.

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