Joachim Werner wrote:

>Just a very short comment:
>>As Paul said in the Paris meeting and as Joachim W. has
>>stated in a previous mail, one thing we can work on is in
>>a common way to get translations from message catalogs, from
>>Python code and DTML and ZPT templates.
>>Don't matters where the messages and their translations are
>>stored, either in a "ZBabel Tower" or in a "Message Catalog"
>>or somewhere else, they would be get in the same way.
>>I would propose to do it in a wiki and step by step: first Python
>>code, when have finished with it we move to DTML, and finally
>>to ZPT.
>My priorities are the other way around, but that shouldn't be the problem

I think the Python API is simpler, and the DTML and ZPT interfaces build
on it, so it should be done first.

But then we could work on the DTML and ZPT interfaces at the same time.

>>The output from this would be an specification for the way to
>>get translations from message catalogs in the ZODB.
>>My second concrete proposal is about content negotiation, which
>>includes language negotiation. There's already a proposal for
>>this in the fishbowl:
>>This proposal was made by Andreas Jung and Tino Wildenhain, let's
>>move it forward. IMO this should be the first thing to put in the
>We don't have anything sophisticated there. So we are very open to those

With the last news about Zope 3 it seems that all core proposals should be
revised under its light. So I'll add the task "learn Zope 3" in my 
queue. I only
wanted to highlight that this is something important.

But this is also something we can work on from the ZBabel/Localizer/etc..
perspective. I mean, now it's a bit difficult to mix different solutions 
in the
same web site because, if each solution has a different way to do the 
negotiation, it could produce a nasty result, for example, ZBabel returns
something in german and Localizer returns something else in spanish.

At least we could agree on the same algorithm to build the list of user
prefered languages.

Ummhh... We can do some work here. But I prefer to do things in small
steps, lets focus on the message catalogs interface first.

>Concerning the Wiki: Why not go on using the Wiki Stephane Fermigier has set
>up for us?

Ok, I've added a wiki page for this task, though it's still empty, for 
those who
don't know the url is:

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