On Tue, 4 Dec 2001, Casey Duncan wrote:

> Can you all recommend any other books on information
> retrieval? I was looking at Amazon last night, and I
> found a few that looked interesting, I'm just the type
> of guy that has to "leaf through" before I buy the
> damn thing. I guess I just need to find a good tech
> book store around here...

"Modern Information Retrieval" by Ricardo Baeza-Yates and Berthier
Ribeiro-Neto is pretty good too.  Covers much more than just indexing (eg.
user interfaces, languages, evaluation of effectiveness, distributed IR,
Digital Libraries etc).

If you are a member of the ACM there is lots of IR stuff in their digital
library.  Also the New Zealand Digital Library (www.nzdl.org) has some
good links on it (the site can be quite slow at times)

> I think my first real proposal of any significance
> will be to replace the catalog with a truely
> industrial strength indexing bohemoth, that can be
> plugged into this whole "component arch."
> thingamawhammy.
> BTW: I still wanna chat some time about this, I just
> need to decide when, perhaps late next week...

I've normally got a window open on #zope most of the day (GMT), my nick is
HammerToe (long story, that is not as interesting or painful as it
sounds, and involves neither a hammer nor a toe).  You might need to /msg
me or beep me to get my attention :)


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