There really is a lot more work that goes into the stuff in the
fishbowl from the folks at ZC than just an announcement.  That said, I
agree that a ZC proposal driven by a consulting project will more
likely end up in the core than anything else, so I think I understand
what you're saying.  The problem really isn't that folks at ZC can get
around the fishbowl process, it's just that consulting-driven ZC
projects currently take priority over just about everything else, and
they soak up all available ZC resources.

One of the remediations has been to extend CVS commit privileges to
folks outside ZC, and we've done that.  It's clear we need to do more
than that, but it's not clear exactly what needs to be done or how to
do it.  We know it has something to do with changing the process and
spreading responsibility out, but we're still taking baby steps.

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> Chris McDonough wrote:
> > > > The other thing is that
> > > > the core coders at Zope Corp <snip> are the only ones that can
> > around the
> > > > fishbowl if they so desire.
> > >
> > > Here! Here!
> >
> > Not really.  I couldn't, at least.
> You guys can use the fishbowl as what is in effect an announcement
> service. I'm not saying that isn't useful, but nobody else can
> a project in the fishbowl and have a lot of hope it'll end up in the
core right
> now. But if it's okay I'd be glad to use it that way as well. :)
> Perhaps that's not exactly "getting around the fishbowl". I'm not
> the fishbowl is a bad thing, though. I think it's pretty useful. And
I'm slowly
> learning I should just do stuff anyway, though part of that does
> discussion and announcements. The core coders don't have enough time
> to actively coach me so I should just coach myself. :)
> Regards,
> Martijn

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