Martijn Faassen wrote:
> How would you do repeating texts or conditional texts like this? I mean,
> perhaps it's obvious; I haven't played enough with ZPT yet.


<x tal:repeat="object here/collection"
I am <y tal:replace="object/id" />


<yes tal:condition="here/has_objects_in_basket"
You have <c tal:replace="here/basket_count"/> objects in your basket
<no tal:condition="not here/has_objects_in_basket"
Your basket is empty

> I also think this looks rather unnatural when doing email templates or SQL
> templates.

I used to think that, I'm quickly changing positions. Perhaps the only option
I'd like is a check box somewhere on the template object saying something like
"always include tal:omit-tag by default. Then I reckon it could do for
everything :-)


Chris -- more and more a ZPT-ONLY! fan each day...

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