Niclas Kuehne wrote:

> When I upload a file of a certain class (HTMLDocument) that is 
> CatalogAware the entry in the catalog does not contain the real 
> absolute_url. Instead it shows 
> "http://myserver:21/Zope/Dir1/Dir2/object.html"; where "myserver" is the 
> hostname of the linux server, 21 is the FTP port used by Zope and Dir1 & 
> Dir2 are directories. When I clear the catalog and add the documents by 
> clicking "Find Objects" the absolute_url is correct. What is happening 
> here? Any help?

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The problem is that you are using CatalogAware. Try using 
CatalogPathAware in its place.

The CatalogAware mixin was written before Zope was improved to cope with 
virtual hosting.

The replacement is CatalogPathAware, with CatalogAware kept around to 
support legacy systems.

Steve Alexander

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