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Sent: Wednesday, December 05, 2001 6:17 PM
Subject: [Zope-dev] corrupted data.fs

> Hello all,
> My apologies if this is not appropriate on this list and my
apologies for
> this "book".  But, we have been having more and more problems with
Zope and
> it is getting quite frustrating.  I thought since I had posted on
the zope
> list and no one had any suggestions that I would try this list next.
> The behavior we are seeing is as follows.  We are using versions
> There are two of us primary developers, soon to be three working
> within the same data.fs.  We use versions, often running several at
the same
> time.  When the code is ready, we save the version incorporating the
> to the live site.
> Ever since we upgraded to Zope 2.4.1, saving the version rarely
actually does
> that.  It will save some objects, but usually only a few.  We have
to then go
> to each object and save it again (sometimes making changes) and
> saving the version until we get all the locked objects unlocked and
> committed.  This is very annoying, but not a show stopper.  What is
> to scare me is that I wonder if this problem with the version
commits is
> somehow causing the corruption of the database.
> Now, I say all this because it may or may not be related to the
> problems we continue to have.  We periodically, get folders that are
> longer visible within the ZMI and produce a keyerror in
> (traceback at end of msg).  But, the same folder is still happily
> served externally (ie it generates the web pages based within that
> without error to our customers).  This tells me that it is still in
the ZODB,
> it is just unreachable via the ZODB.  Since we cannot access it from
> within zope any longer, we have to load the data.fs from backup and
> the offending folder losing any work done since the previous night.
It never
> seems to effect any other parts of the website and it has happened
in several
> different areas.  This is becoming more and more of a showstopper
> when we lose code.
> 1. I have packed the database.
> 2. I have run fsrecover.py over the data.fs. - Nothing to recover.
So, if we
> aren't corrupted, why can we no longer work with that folder?
> 3. I have exported and imported the offending folder without effect
(XML and
> regular).
> 4. We were packing the zope database nightly via a cron job to
control ZODB
> bloat.  I have turned that off for now on the theory that somehow
> overnight packs with versions is causing problems.
> Help!!! This continues to happen and it is really scary when your
> continues to get corrupted underneath you on a live site when you
are in
> heavy development.  Can anyone give any ideas on how to track down
> problem?  Could it be with the versioning code?  Is there a better
way to
> work with a production site and still get the benefits of the
versioning?  Is
> versioning just dangerous and shouldn't be used?  Pardon my tone,
but I am a
> little frustrated.
> I will say that the last time this happened, thankfully, that
> folder was being worked on in a version and even though the folder
> inaccessible outside of the version, when working within the
version, it was
> still there.  So, when that version was cut in, we were again able
to work
> with that folder.  This time however, the folder in question wasn't
> worked on in a version.
> Thank you for your time,
> Sincerely
> -Chris
> -------------
> **Traceback**
> Error Type: KeyError
> Error Value: ?f
> Traceback
> Traceback (innermost last): File
> line 171, in publish File
> line 160, in mapply (Object: manage_main) File
> line 112, in call_object (Object: manage_main) File
> line 324, in __call__ (Object: manage_main) File
> line 354, in _bindAndExec (Object: manage_main) File
> /usr/local/zope/lib/python/App/special_dtml.py, line 244, in _exec
> manage_main) File
/usr/local/zope/lib/python/DocumentTemplate/DT_In.py, line
> 711, in renderwob (Object: objectItems) File
> /usr/local/zope/lib/python/DocumentTemplate/DT_In.py, line 839, in
> sort_sequence (Object: objectItems) File
, line
> 519, in setstate File lib/python/ZODB/FileStorage.py, line 588, in
> (Object: /usr/local/zope/var/Data.fs) File
> line 564, in _load (Object: /usr/local/zope/var/Data.fs) KeyError:
> ----------------
> **Instalation Info**
> Platform: RH 7.2
> Zope Version: (Zope 2.4.1 (binary release, python 2.1, linux2-x86),
> 2.1.1, linux2)
> Python Version: 2.1.1 (#1, Aug 8 2001, 11:57:42) [GCC 2.96 20000731
(Red Hat
> Linux 7.1 2.96-81)]
> System Platform: linux2
> Products installed:
> eCrumbler (Installed product CookieCrumbler (CookieCrumbler-0.3))
> ExternalMethod (Installed product ExternalMethod (External
> MIMETools (Installed product MIMETools)
> MailHost (Installed product MailHost (MailHost-1-2-0))
> OFSP (Installed product OFSP (OFSP-1-0-0))
> PlugIns (Installed product PlugIns (PlugIns-0-4-3p1))
> PluginIndexes (Installed product PluginIndexes)
> PythonScripts (Installed product PythonScripts
> Renderable (Installed product Renderable)
> SiteAccess (Installed product SiteAccess (SiteAccess-2-0-0))
> Squishdot (Installed product Squishdot (Squishdot-1-2-1))
> StandardCacheManagers (Installed product StandardCacheManagers
> (StandardCacheManagers-1-1-0))
> ThreadSafeCounter (Installed product ThreadSafeCounter (0.0.3))
> TinyTablePlus (Installed product TinyTablePlus (TinyTablePlus-0-9))
> UpdateSupport (Installed product UpdateSupport
> WarpFramework (Installed product WarpFramework (2001-05-02-1222))
> ZCatalog (Installed product ZCatalog (ZCatalog-2-2-0))
> ZGDChart (Installed product ZGDChart (ZGDChart 0.5.1))
> ZGadflyDA (Installed product ZGadflyDA)
> ZPatterns (Installed product ZPatterns (ZPatterns-0-3-0))
> ZPoPyDA (Installed product ZPoPyDA)
> ZPsycopgDA (Installed product ZPsycopgDA)
> ZSQLMethods (Installed product ZSQLMethods)
> ZSyncer (Installed product ZSyncer)
> ZWiki (Installed product ZWiki (ZWiki-0-9-6))
> ZopeTutorial (Installed product ZopeTutorial (Zope Tutorial 1.0))
> iTrack (Installed product iTrack (0.2.0))
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