I don't think telling gdb what to do would be a problem. The worst that
could happen is that I'd stuff my commands down gdb's stdin in a script.

The tricky part is convincing gdb to hook up to python when the sig 11
hits. Isn't there a trap instruction somewhere where I could tell python
to run an external script when hit by a sig11?

Or perhaps I should be running zope from gdb? Wouldn't that be
prohibitively slow? We are talking about a production machine here, with
a really huge Data.fs (aprox. 1GB) and lots of data on MySQL

Yesterday I put some zLOG.LOG calls imediately before and after
db.query() in ZMySQLDA/db.py. If I see calls that don't finish before a
sig 11 then I'll be sure it is _mysql.so fault.

On Wed, 2001-12-05 at 20:41, Dieter Maurer wrote:
> Matthew T. Kromer writes:
>  > ...
>  > Well largely, ALL I want is the backtrace -- and I'm wondering if I 
>  > could cobble something together that could get it.  The problem is it 
>  > needs to look at the symbol table, and I dont know how to get at that 
>  > via C -- ie, gdb doesnt have an interface that I know of that you can 
>  > link in to grab a stack trace and exit.
> I seem to remember that one can define gdb commands that are executed
> whenever the program stops.
> It this were true, we could activate such a definition in a ".gdbinit"
> file and then run the program.
> When the Python stops due to a signal, the command would be activated.
> It would make a backtrace followed by a quit.
> Not sure, it will work, though...
> Dieter
Ideas don't stay in some minds very long because they don't like
solitary confinement.

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