> ...it works, acceptably, no less, on my slow laptop for 100,000 objects.  It
> took ~50 minutes 

Not bad... I think you're not putting as much data in the ZODB as you suspect you may 
be ;-)

> - I'm relatively sure that, in my app, the text index BTrees in the Catalog
> are very 'bushy' (more so than normal) because I am indexing people's full
> names, and street addresses, which means there are less common words than
> indexing, say, an every-day document.

Well, yes and no. I'd be interested to know the length of the vocabulary in your 
If you could post that here I'd really appreciate it...

I think the big win you're having here is that full names and addresses are really 
quite short data
sets meaning that your amount of stored index data is a lot less than if you had, say, 
indexed big
fat text documents.

However, as you point out, the vocabulary of indexed words may eb a bit larger ;-)

Are you using your own custom splitter in this app?



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