Florent Guillaume wrote:

> Okay it seems fixed, but I wanted to mention a similar user-experience
> problem in CMF and workflows in general:
> Suppose a user clicks "publish" in the action box, enters his comment
> and then clicks the "Publish" button. And the re-clicks on the "Publish"
> button (either because he double-clicked, or because he retried because
> the process seemed slow). Then the first click will correctly change the
> object state, and the second click will be unable to "publish" because
> from the "public" state there is (obviously) no further "publish"
> transition. So the user will get a message like the one below.
> Because I saw that these double-clicks are somewhat frequent in our
> case, I put a try: except: in content_status_modify.

For one of my applications (not CMF based), I use unique form ids to 
catch if a form is submitted twice.

I also use a bit of javascript to ignore a second click on the "submit"
button, which reduces the load on the form-ids manager. I'd post the 
javascript... but I can't find it just now. It is just a three-liner  to 
set a variable when the button is first clicked, and only allow the 
submit action to run if the variable is unset.

Actually, now that CST is in the Zope core, I should rewrite the form-id 
manager to take advantage of that.

Steve Alexander

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