Joseph Wayne Norton wrote:

>Matt -
>Well, your patch seems fine in our testing environment.
>Unfortunately, we do not see any restarts in the testing environment
>... always in production.  I had to rebuild our entire software base
>because we are using other products that use extensions class and they
>are not included under the main zope installation.  It caused a bus
>error the first time (with only running
>As I mentioned in my prior e-mail, I modified the patch slightly to
>exactly match the struct in Python's object.h.  Please review this
>patch.  I will apply the patch in production tomorrow morning, 12/13,
>(Japan Standard Time or GMT+9) and monitor the system.  If zope does
>not restart during the day, then I think you have fixed the problem.
>I'm using Zope 2.4.3 and Python 2.1.1 with pymalloc disabled on the
>solaris platform.
>thanks and regards,
>- joe n.
>p.s. I looked **briefly** at the Zope 2.5 source and this patch will
>not be compatible since there doesn't seem to be a standard among the
>different extension classes on whether to include or not include the
>COUNT_ALLOCS define.  The cAccessControl class seems to be the

My fingers and toes are crossed for you ;)

I've actually built 2.5 with the modified extensionclass.h and it seems 
to build OK and it runs and passes all of its unit tests. Thats not 
proof one way or another, but...

Sorry our turnaround times are so laggy; thats the downside of 
diagnosing a problem on the other side of the globe.


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