Hi all.  The Virtual Host Folder I released currently has a lot of the
features you want, and is getting a number of other ones.  I think it is
worth a look, but then, that's just me.  It replaces the VHM.  I need to
specify the interface, such as it is, but ...
1) The currently released one is very stable, as far as I can tell
2) I'm working on a CMF tool "front end" to it that should be released in
beta within the week
3) I should also be releasing a new version this week that has
all-but-the-kitchen-sink alias support per-virtual-host.  Kind of a
power-tools approach, where you are responsible for setting up exactly how
you want the alias to work.  Potentially confusing but hopefully flexible
and powerful.  And TTW, of course.
4) Once I have the CMF tool front end, I will of necessity have settled down
on interfaces to get the various pieces of info you want (virtual host root,
location from virtual root for breadcrumbs, etc.)  It will need to be a bit
specialized because of the alias bits.
5) I'm interested in getting feedback on it now (particularly the
soon-to-be-released all-slicing all-dicing alias version) and adding
features/cleaning it up as desired (starting January, when my life will
hopefully have settled down a bit)

For now, it and its current feature list is at

I'll send a note on Announce when the new one is out.


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