No, unfortunately, I haven't deleted any users. But thanks for
responding :)

The permissions settings cascade downward through the directory
structure, so I would think that if I grant Anonymous every permission
in every folder and every method all the way down through the ZClass
definition and then do the same for the page that uses the ZClass, it
should allow Anonymous access. I'm using the latest stable release of
CMF and Zope on Windex, and not interacting with IIS at all. 


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Joshua Lanza wrote:

> This must be a simple issue, but I can't get objects that I create 
> from custom ZClasses to be visible to Anonymous. In fact they are only

> visible to the SuperUser. I have granted every permission I can find, 
> and tried every possible combination with proxy roles.
> I have wasted almost 2 days on this single issue and it's driving me 
> perfectly mad. It's the only thing I need to sell Zope to upper 
> management, but they're growing more impatient as I twiddle away more 
> and more hours searching for anything helpful on this. The whole 
> site's built, but only available to me.
> Any help really really really appreciated,

Have you deleted any users recently?

If so, your ZClass instances might be unowned. You'll need to take 
ownership of them.

Steve Alexander

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