Steve rocks!

It wasn't actually the Ownership, but when I looked at the object I
realized that I did not expose the Ownership tab, or the Security tab
for the objects that I had created from the ZClass. When I created those
views, I found that the permissions for the objects were not set
correctly. I don't know how that happened, since I could not even see
the permissions in order to edit them. I assume that they acquired those
permissions from somewhere, but far better to see them make sure they're
right. 'View' and acquire permissions had been disabled. 

Thanks again!


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Joshua Lanza wrote:

> No, unfortunately, I haven't deleted any users. But thanks for
> responding :)
> The permissions settings cascade downward through the directory
> structure, so I would think that if I grant Anonymous every permission
> in every folder and every method all the way down through the ZClass
> definition and then do the same for the page that uses the ZClass, it
> should allow Anonymous access. I'm using the latest stable release of
> CMF and Zope on Windex, and not interacting with IIS at all. 

This looks like an ownership issue to me.

I recommend that you ensure that each object you're having problems with

is owned. Look on the "Ownership" tab and see whether it is owned.

Steve Alexander

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