I don't have the resources to start something like that NOW, but I'd really
like to see work on an OpenOffice integration:

> has anybody integrated/plans on intragration/experimented with
> OpenOffice and Zope ?


> - OpenOffice as a HTML Editor / Web-Frontend for Zope

I don't like that one too much. OpenOffice doesn't have a browser component
any more.

> - OpenOffice as a HelperTool in the Background (external converter for
> MS Office Products) of Zope

That's what we are aiming at: The MSOffice-to-OpenOffice(XML)-Converters
produce very useful output. I think it should be rather easy to import a
converted doc into Zope and catalog it on the fly.

> Special interests in turning excel-spreadsheets with diagramms (!) into
> searchable pdf and/or html with pics into Zope.

One sample scenario:

- Create a template for a diagram in OpenOffice
- Uploade it into Zope and add some dtml-vars (or ZPT expressions) to the
XML file to make it dynamic (e.g. to create web usage statistics)
- Users can not only see and download the diagram as gif (which is possible
right now using GDChart or so), but can also download it as a valid
OpenOffice (or, if reconverted, also PowerPoint/Excel) doc. That diagram
contains the dynamically created numbers, but can be edited locally.

Does OpenOffice support WebDAV already? That would be very useful.

Similar things could be done with KOffice.

The general concept is always the same:

- Rich clients read and write XML documents
- WebDAV is used as the protocol
- Zope is the server


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