Fellow Zope addicts,

I do both name and IP based virtual hosting from a single Apache instance, 
to various different places within Zope. It works great, with or without 
Apache working
mod_ssl magic!

There's a little issue with Zope logging to be solved.

Zope logs the IP of the Apache server, not the client. Oops. I might want 
to track where
all administrative logins are really coming from, for example!

So I decided to try searching this list before rolling my sleeves up and 
fixing it myself.

Here's what I found:

Well it appears that Joseph has already solved it for me. Great, gotta love 
this community.
Probably a cleaner patch than what I could have come up with anyway. And I 
don't have to
spend hours digging through the Zope source to get it done!


It was written against 2.4.1
I run 2.4.3.
It would have been really nice if it had been included in Zope 2.4.next......

Hmm, has anything else changed that I need to be aware of before applying 
the patch?

Lets go to cvs.zope.org and see:
First I look at "Diff for /Zope/ZServer/medusa/http_server.py between 
version and". Changes. Looks like some careful inspection of the code and 
some testing
is in store for me. And more porting work next time I upgrade Zope... and 
next time.

I can't help but wonder why something this simple and useful was not just 
included in
Zope 2.4.next? It would have saved me and all the poor fools like me so 
much duplicated

Just another Zope Admin's 2 cents worth......


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