Hi jeffrey,

perhaps it might save you a bit of trouble. i've written a publish/subscribe 
event channel that seems to have must of the functionality listed below 
although it does use the techniques that you wanted to avoid. its at 

at the moment its purposefully a simple publish subscribe model with filters. 
object references are stored via physical path and resolved via 

On Thursday 03 January 2002 04:49 pm, Jeffrey P Shell wrote:
> I'm experimenting with an event notification service based on a
> publish-subscribe model for some projects I'm working on.  When a
> subscription comes in, a 'Subscription' object is made, that
> basically looks like this:
> class Subscription(Base):
>      def __init__(self, subscriber, eventType, filter=None):
>          self.subscriber = subscriber
>          self.eventType = eventType
>          self.filter = filter
>      def __hash__(self):
>          return hash(self.subscriber) & \
>                 hash(self.eventType) & \
>                 hash(self.filter)
> 'subscriber' is a reference to the subscribing object, and it's
> very likely to be to an object in the ZODB.  Is it wise to have
> more than one persistent reference to a single persistent object?
> I swear that I had once heard Jim say (vocally) that you could do
> references like this in the ZODB now.  I'm trying to avoid using
> Paths because objects have a tendency to move around[*], and I have
> performance concerns for a single event service object to have to
> call 'unrestrictedTraverse' to every subscriber.

yes, this a concern and depends on usage. i generally don't have many 
listeners to a particular event. when this has been an issue,  i instead 
chain event channels and stick events in an event queue, which periodically 
gets flushed from a zeo client script. currently i'm doing this for a 
subscription model which works well since the subscriptions that way get sent 
out all at once, instead of bombarding the end user with lots of emails.

> [*] (it's due to the annoyances with manage_beforeDelete() and
> friends that
> I'm writing this tool.)
> Second question: If I use the hash of the Subscription as a key, is
> there any advantages/disadvantages with using an IOBTree to hold
> Subscription objects instead of a PersistentMapping?

memory usage would probably be an advantage over large numbers of 
subscriptions, but i'm not qualifed to answer...



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