I would like to answer my own question (see below).   According to 
ZOPE/lib/python/TreeDisplay/TreeTag.py, there is no way to suppress
the display of the + or - signs.   However, there certain parameters to 
__init__ that have been commented out:

#  opened_decoration = None,
#   closed_decoration = None,
#   childless_decoration = None,

which suggests that either there was a way to control this at one time, 
or that it is functionality that is planned for the future.

What is the plan for this in Zope 2.5?   I could prepare a quickie patch 
if you guys don't have the time.

Please advise,  thanks!


] I want to display a dtml-tree always expanded, with no controls visible
] for contracting (basically, an indented list of links).
] I set the tree to always expand via the following:

] <dtml-call expr="REQUEST.set('expand_all', 1)">

] <dtml-tree single=0 name="catalog" branches="objectValues">

] But I can't figure out how to remove the little minus signs (-) from the
] branches.

] Has anyone done this?

] TIA,

] --Craeg

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