Dieter Maurer wrote:

>John Ziniti writes:
> > I used to have the Product TrackerBase installed
> > and have removed it.  Now, however, attempts to
> > access the "Advanced" tab of ZSQL Methods is
> > broken because a chain of events attempt to get
> > info about a the non-existent Product:
> > ...
> > 2) Is this schizophrenic state my fault?
>Probably not.
I didn't think so, but I would think that the code which deletes
Products and their associated ZClasses would be pretty rock
solid at this point ??

>Looks like a bug, you should report to "";.
I would, but as a developer myself, a bug that has a symptom
bu no real evidence of a cause is one I wouldn't really think to
look at it.  "My ZODB is broken" is basically the best I can
come up with at this point as a way to explain my problem.  I
can talk all the way in to
about the way the problem manifests itself, but it happened at
some point over the last ... oh ... three months of development???
It'll get ignored, for sure ... ( no offense intended)

>> 3) How to rectify the problem (Make *all* of Zope
> >     know that TrackerBase is gone)?
>I think this is the right approach.
Yep.  I really just want to try something akin to:


... but I'd like to hear from the guy who wrote _getProductRegistryData
first before I even try it on a backup-devlopment-Zope.

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