Chris McDonough wrote:

> OIC.  Thanks!
> This patch probably makes sense for some class of usage.  I'm a little 
> skittish because I think doing magic (e.g. "if I dont find a data 
> container where I said there was one, make one in  /temp_folder") 
> might tend to bite folks.  Also, doing "writes on reads" (explicitly 
> commiting a transaction in the middle of a request-bounded 
> transaction) is probably a bad idea because it might cause half of 
> something to be committed inadvertently.
> The "right" solution for this is to create some sort of analogue of 
> "rc.d/init.d" for Zope where you can hook Zope startup and thus 
> repopulate the temp_folder with the separate data containers then.  I 
> thought of this a while back but lacked the time to implement it.
> - C

Actually, we did have the Temporary Folder have the capability to 
automatically import its contents at system startup, but that got tossed 
out as being function inappropriate to a temporary storage container by 
executive fiat.

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